How Do I Earn A BFAM Training Certificate?

  • Enroll in the BFAM Training Center

  • Register for relevant courses for your desired certificate 

  • Each certificate will require a minimum of 10 courses completed that are relevant to your certificate, plus 2 additional "elective" courses

How many semesters are there per year?

There are three semesters per year (Winter, Summer, Fall) and each student may take as many courses per semester as they'd like. 

Can I earn more than one certificate in the BFAM Training Center?

YES! You can earn as many certificates as you'd like!

What are the costs for the BFAM Training Center?

  • $99Annual Enrollment Fee for Active Students

  • Course Tuition Fees vary per course

Are all your courses online?

YES, but these courses can also be facilitated on a church campus. Contact us for more information to begin the BFAM Training Center in your local church. 

Can I take BFAM Courses from outside the United States? 

YES! You can take BFAM courses anywhere you have access to the internet.