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Business & Entrepreneur Program

Next Cohort Begins 2023

Next Level Calling Entrepreneur Program

BFAM has partnered with Next Level Calling to provide Christ Centered Business Mentorship to select candidates.

This 9-month program is beyond giving simple dos and don'ts instead it is based on a proven results-based approach that has been the verifiable success point for over 20+ years in the lives of the mentors guiding this effort. We seek out entrepreneurs who can receive power of Jesus Christ to demonstrate to others. Power is multi-dimensional, and entrepreneurs should be the drivers of social, economic, and political change in the world.


Mentorship will include small group/one-on-one counseling with business experts, access to all workshops & seminars, free entrance to all public events, automatic access to apply for BLEPO Contingent Cash Grant. 

Program includes:

  • Online Virtual Delivery & Live Sessions via Zoom/Google Meets

  • Classes meet bi-weekly for Program Period of Nine (9) Months

  • "Best in Class" Curriculum

  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

  • 20+ Christian Mentors & Proven Marketplace Leaders

  • BLEPO Contingent Cash Grant of $5K up to $25K

To Join this Program:

  1. Enroll in the BFAM Training Center

  2. Interview with Next Level Calling Representatives

  3. Pay Program fee of $299

  4. Begin Your Training 

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